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Draft: Resolve "A page for submitting internship offers"

Closes #214 (closed)

  • Created a new CompanyDepartment table in the database.
  • Create pages for users (excluding students) to create/register the department of their company.
  • Enable users to see the department(s) they belong to under 'My Company'.
  • Create a parent table AbstractProject, which is inherited by Project and Internship, using multiple-table-inheritance (MTI) (
  • Create an Internship table and its related model, controllers, and views, to allow university staff and external users to submit internship offers for Technical Medicine programme.

Things to improve:

  1. 79 tests are still failing.
  2. There are no AbstractProject controllers or views in the admin page.
  3. User can not delete an internship.
Edited by Yiran Wang

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