Project Forum Release v2.1.0


  • Users will now automatically be linked to the correct research groups upon signing in (!554)
  • Add ability to reject coaching invitations (!544)
  • Add course email addresses and hiding of staff emails (!546)
  • Add relevant information in the page titles (!545)

Fixes and improvements

  • Improve session reuse for SSO (prevents unnecessary authentication)
  • Support middle-click on clickable table rows (!552)
  • Fix theme/thesis project permissions when sharing with members from another research group. (!542)
  • Add way to more quickly change notification settings (!551)
  • Add statistic for amount of students who filled out preferences (!549)
  • Improve preferences selection to prevent losing changes (!556)
  • Add student names to friend preferences (!556)
  • Fix long-standing bug which prevents signing in after TU Delft email change. (!561)
  • Fix permission bugs (!557)

Development / Management

  • Add staging deployment and GitLab CI templates (!560)