Project Forum Release v2.6.0 - 13-04-2022

New Offerers

The project proposal pages have been overhauled to make the process more streamlined. It is now possible to offer projects with your research group directly. This means it is no longer necessary to create a company to represent your research group. Courses can also choose to accept offers from personal users (not affiliated with any organisation/company/research group). (!637 / #248)

Offer again

We have added a new button to offer a project again in a new course edition. When offering again, you get to choose a new course and can update your proposal in one go. (!653 / #313)

Assigning non-existing users

It is now possible to assign users who have never logged in before to roles in projects and groups based on their email address. If the user is from the TU Delft, the system also verifies that the email address matches a TU Delft employee or student. (!687, !688 / #249, #326)

Minor features

  • Add notes to exports (!681 / #255)
  • Add ability to send emails to users with course specific roles (!672 / #308)
  • Add ability to send notifications when users are assigned a role for a group (!682 / #250)
  • Add ability to set a notice message which is shown to clients before they approve groups (!685, !686 / #330)
  • Remove placeholder fields for internships (!695)
  • Improve process of assigning supervisors to groups (!697, !700 / #355, #362)
  • Projects are now sorted by approval date rather than creation date (!690 / #345)

Bug fixes

  • Fix image aspect ratio for images in projects previews (!683 / #318)
  • Fix 500 error when clicking "View User" for some notifications (!674 / Sentry-26)
  • Fix some exports only containing first 50 entries (!689)
  • Fix some issues with role imports (!693 / #348, #351)
  • Fix issue where coordinators did not have rights to view enrolments of their courses (!698 / #356)
  • Fix issue where unapproved projects could become visible to students (!690 / #337)
  • Fix issue where students could see some project information of updates which were not yet approved (!690 / #337)