Project Forum Release v2.7.0 - 13-06-2022


  • Overhauled the dashboard to be much more useful (#339)
  • Load users from the TU Delft address book. Now you can add people that have never logged in before. (#365)
  • Add support for joining companies without invitation (configurable per company) (#312)
  • On the project preference list, projects where you expressed interest now show up with a star to quickly find them (#390)
  • Add setting to allow public access to the projects list of a course (#403)

Bug fixes

  • Fix automatic group assignment not working in some cases (#369)
  • Fix some issues with notifications not showing up (#396)
  • Fix project export (#372)
  • Improve performance (#373, #374)
  • Fix images not copied when projects are copied (#205)
  • Fix unable to create research group (#331)
  • Fix invitation panel showing up when inviting is disabled (#363)
  • Fix enrollment manager rights (#358)