Project Forum Release v2.7.1 - 21-06-2022


  • Add fancy graphical editor (WYSIWYG) replacing our previous plain text markdown editor. (#145)
  • Add tags for project proposals. Available tags can be selected at the course edition level by the coordinator, and can be specified on a proposal. Students can filter by tags in the project overview. (#353)
  • Add scoped tags for project proposals. This allows you to define required multiple-choice questions for project proposals. Students can filter on these scoped tags. (#353)

Bug fixes

  • Fix some broken links (#323)
  • Fix email change from SSO sends email address confirmation email (#368)
  • Fix autogenerated students not linking with imports due to missing student numbers (#349)
  • Fix inconsistent naming (#386)
  • Fix roles overview not showing company names (#387)
  • Fix company registrars cannot invite company employees (#388)
  • Fix notification emails not getting sent for project imports (#320)