Project Forum Release 2.9.0 - 23-11-2022

Features and Changes

  • Proposers guide is now displayed in an iframe (#328)
  • Add manuals for master thesis workflow (#380)
  • Improved project imports from previous editions. The notification sent can now be customized, and potential problems with the import (course specific roles, required tags) are now clearly shown (#510)
  • Enrollment imports are moved to the enrollments page / enrollments part of course edition, rather than being a separate tab in the management panel (#524)
  • Admin users can now see the email confirmation status for external users (#534)
  • When entering student preferences (students you would like to form a group with), you can now specify students who have not logged in to Project Forum before (they are checked with the TU Delft address book) (#114)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix assigning group members in management panel (#530 #394)
  • Fix bug with some URLs selecting a filter of 0 items per page, causing errors (#528)
  • Fix toolbar not showing for projects in management panel (#529)
  • Fix minor layout issues on registration and login pages (#532)
  • Fix inconsistent menus in course editions (#451)
  • Fix employee invitation notifications not being displayed (#552)
  • Migrate notifications which could no longer be displayed (deleted project, too old notification) to a new generic notification format to keep them available (#522)
  • Security improvements to the management panel (#556)
  • Fix image title length not being enforced correctly, causing unclear error messagers (#557)