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Release v2.4.0

Luc Everse requested to merge development into master


Releases v2.4.0.


  • Improved worker management: viewing logs is a single click, just like canceling or outright purging the worker. (!168 (merged))
  • An in-worker watchdog that terminates the worker if no ping response arrives within a set interval. (!168 (merged))
  • Submissions indicate whether their job was canceled. (!168 (merged))
  • Users can request the datetime their current token will expire. (!168 (merged))
  • An API endpoint, /api/v1/worker/events, that sends server-sent events with interesting happenings around workers. The UI uses these to update the Workers page, instead of hammering the getWorkers endpoint slightly faster than twice per second. (!168 (merged))


  • Exceptions raised within jobs now include the full stack trace and not just the message. (!168 (merged))
  • The checker routine no longer swallows analyzer exceptions. (!168 (merged))
  • The worker Python detector now also indicates the path to the found Python executables. (!168 (merged))
  • Worker shutdowns through messages now happen within three seconds (down from two minutes). (!168 (merged))
  • The CORS patch filter now also fires if Access-Control-Request-Headers is not present. (!168 (merged))
  • Killing all workers now happens in parallel to speed up shutdown. (!168 (merged))
  • Worker tokens expire only after a full century (!173 (merged))


  • Concurrent logging on a worker that was causing crashes extremely rarely. (!168 (merged))

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