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Refactor the settings code to allow incremental updates and protected keys

Luc Everse requested to merge sane-settings into development


Refactor the settings code to allow incremental updates and protected keys. The old settings code was horrendous, even server-side. For example, this is how setting updates from the API were applied to the current instance:

  1. parse the request from JSON
  2. serialize to JSON
  3. write to disk
  4. read from disk
  5. parse JSON
  6. replace the GlobalSettings instance

It should be clear that a refactor was very much needed!


  • Settings received at the /api/v1/settings endpoint now upsert only the keys contained in the request. Previously it would generate a new GlobalSettings instance and populate the partial settings, leaving the rest at their defaults
  • Improved way numbers can be requested from the settings object. Previously it was a bunch of ifs-else-ifs, now it's a map of mapping functions with the default being the identity function. This also adds support for cross-type requests (getting a float from what's actually an int, for example) and adds support for actual floats instead of just doubles.
  • Entirely revamped the way settings are loaded and stored. Now it makes sense


  • A type mapper for TimeUnits, which occurred enough throughout the codebase that it warranted such integration
  • A way to change the location of the configuration file, in theory. The path of the file is stored in the settings itself, so with a way to specify this from the command line the location could be changed when starting the core. This requires additional code though.

Test and Review

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  • The methods are tested to satisfaction

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