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Ui integration

Tim van der Horst requested to merge ui-integration into development


Remove the old UI and add the new UI to the core.

Closes #142 (closed)


Deleted old UI


  • Added a to the resources containing the output of npm run build in the auta-ui project zipped into one file
  • Added a gradle task that unzips the into the static resource folder when the core is built

Test and Review

To be filled in by the reviewers

  • All of the methods are commented to expectation

  • The methods are tested to satisfaction

  • There are no unnecessary files present in the MR

  • The continuous integration has no problems with the MR

  • The MR is filled in as requested (including labels, milestones, and reviewers)

  • The documentation is up-to-date

  • All nullable parameters are marked as such

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