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WIP: Liquibase database migration setup

This mr sets up liquibase to run when spring boots, which is convenient for development. However for production running the liquibase-cli through ansible might be a nicer alternative. @otto what do you think?

I currently chose the yaml format, because it is less verbose than the xml. It is however less documented than the xml format, we can perhaps discuss what format we want to pick in #199 (closed).

Lastly @otto do you want this as a change on it's own or should I create an mr regarding #197 (closed) building on this mr and merge those as an atomic change?

The template properties file contains settings to run the liquibase migrations through spring, when spring starts.

There is a sample dummy changelog included in: main/resources/changeLog.yaml

Closes #199 (closed)

Edited by Liam Clark

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