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Resolve "Refactor Methods in RequestTableService"

Moved the methods in RequestTableService into different services that the methods fit in better.


  • SessionStatusService -> labreqCounts added from reqtableservice
  • RoleDTOService -> getAssistantsFromeditions added from reqtableservice
  • LabService -> getSessionDetailsFromLabs (from ReqTableService), getLabsFromEditions (from ReqTableService)
  • AssignmentService created -> countRequestsPerAssignment (from EditionStatusService), getAssignmentsFromEditions (from ReqTableService), assignmentsWithCourseCodes (from ReqTableService) -> more methods from LabService can be added to make LabService shorter
  • RoomDTOService -> getRoomsFromSessions added (from requestTableService)

Closes #695

Edited by Ada Turgut

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