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Resolve "Files as assignment descriptions"

Danae Savvidi requested to merge 21-files-as-assignment-descriptions into development

What does this MR do (summary)?

Teachers can now upload a file for an assignment. The file can be downloaded from the assignment page. File can be deleted. Using .zip you multiple files can be uploaded.


Can upload file: can_upload

Can download file: button_to_download

Can delete uploaded file (shown iff there is an uploaded file) can_delete

What changes have you made (detailed)?

  • Can upload file (can upload multiple with .zip file) in add assignment and edit assignment.
  • Can delete uploaded file in edit assignment (if it has been uploaded).
  • Button to download assignment file in assignment page (visible to everyone in the assignment and only if there exists an uploaded file).
  • Write tests

Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?

  • The main application was run to make sure the server still runs without errors.
  • Tests were written to verify the behaviour of this code.
  • Javadoc and other comments were added to make the code understandable.
  • The code adheres to the style guidelines.

Closes #21 (closed)

Edited by Danae Savvidi

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