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Resolve "Connect scripts to AuTA"

Ruben Backx requested to merge 5-connect-scripts-to-auta into development

What does this MR do (summary)?

Closes #5 (closed)


What changes have you made (detailed)?

  • Now, when the user sets the assignment id from AuTA as the 'approve script' for an assignment, every submission for that assignment will be sent to AuTA, to be checked.
  • Script grades can be overriden by edition staff. The final grade for an assignment is now the highest non-script grade of the latest submission or the highest grade of the latest submission if there are only script grades.

Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?

  • The main application was run to make sure the server still runs without errors.
  • Tests were written to verify the behaviour of this code.
  • Javadoc and other comments were added to make the code understandable.
  • The code adheres to the style guidelines.
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