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Add Instantaneous Email Notifications


  • Adds notification preferences to the profile page:

image image

  • Adds instantaneous email notifications when:
    • Application is submitted: (Subject: "Application (CSE1110) Successfully Submitted!") image
    • Position is offered: (Subject: "Action Required: Position (CSE1110) Offered!")
      • Without Hiring Message: image
      • With Hiring Message: image
    • Application is rejected (also if offered/hired, then rejected): (Subject: "Application (CSE1110) Rejected")
      • Without Rejection Message: image
      • With Rejection Message: image
    • Declaration is rejected: (Subject: "Declaration (CSE1100) Rejected") image
    • Declaration is approved: (Subject: "Declaration (CSE1100) Approved") image

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  • I have added a changelog entry to reflect the significant changes I made.
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