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Master market

Taico Aerts requested to merge master-market-fixes into development

Thesis projects

  • Show thesis projects where the user is the contact on the dashboard
  • Hide inaccessible thesis projects in the thesis projects view
  • Actually show students interested in projects to the owner of the project
  • Show thesis projects of a particular theme on the show page of that theme
  • Add option to easily add thesis projects in a particular theme
  • Make theme selection for thesis projects clearer by also showing the research group.
  • Add are you sure dialog for expressing interest in a thesis project
  • Add notifications for expressing and revoking interest in a thesis project


  • Hide dashboard items that the user cannot access


  • Do not show navigation items that the user cannot access.


  • Add chair role to research groups (is a research group member who can add members to the research group)
  • Revoke permission from research group members to add/remove members to the research group.
  • Prevent chair from removing themselves from the research group (blocking their access)
  • Remove redundant permissions


  • Fix remove button not working for research group members
  • Fix users not being able to access their own settings page.


dashboard Dashboard for users which have thesis projects. The dashboard shows the number of interested students as well.

Screenshot_20191031_102255 Overview for a project, showing interested users

Screenshot_20191031_102401 Notification for the contact of a project (a link to the project is on the notifications page itself)

Screenshot_20191031_102459 Notification for the student

Screenshot_20191031_102601 Overview of projects in a theme

Screenshot_20191031_102701 Managing roles in the research group. The chair of a group cannot remove themselves as a security measure. If the chair of a group changes, they can first appoint the new chair and then the new chair can remove the old chair / the department coordinator can always change it.

Fixes #122 (closed), #124 (closed)

Edited by Taico Aerts

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