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Fix Interest List

Taico Aerts requested to merge 48-fix-interest-list into development

Fixes the interest list

  • The interest list is now displayed on both the project and the group page to avoid confusion/users missing it (#102 (closed))
  • The interest list sends a notification whenever there are enough users to form a group (#48 (closed))
  • The interest list sends a notification whenever a group switches to looking for members
  • Removed the explanation that groups can invite users from the interest list since this is not true, and created an issue for it (#138 (closed)).
  • Fix menu inconsistency where going to the group dashboard page is only possible from the overview.

Other changes:

  • Sort notification preferences
  • Improve some of the notification messages

Closes #102 (closed)
Closes #48 (closed)

Edited by Taico Aerts

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