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Add import feature for groups

Taico Aerts requested to merge 206-import-group-configuration into development

Uploading a CSV

Groups can now be imported by uploading a CSV with project id and studentnumbers/netids/user ids (mixed).


Import overview

After uploading the CSV, the user is shown an overview of the groups that will be imported:


Error display

Errors are shown to the user and highlighted on the overview page if possible. Importing the groups is disabled if there are errors with the file.



If notifications are enabled, each group receives one email (to: all group members) that they have been assigned a group for project x and that the group consists of members. The members of the group will see each other's email addresses since they are all in the to field.

This notification is setting Group, Assigned to a group.

Other details

There are some settings for importing:

  • Auto-approve all imported groups
  • Delete all existing groups and override them with the new groups
  • Assign a group member as leader / leave all members as member (prevents modification of the group)
  • Send a notification email to the members of each group


  • Group dashboard of own group is not accessible in a preferences workflow (permission error)

Closes #206 (closed)

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