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Resolve "Projects should be searchable"

Taico Aerts requested to merge 196-projects-should-be-searchable into development


  • Add search functionality to projects
  • Add ordering functionality to projects (creation date, alphabetical, grouped by company)
  • Add filtering functionality to projects (filter by company)
  • Separate Project Preferences into a separate route, page and controller
  • Add functionality to reliably test Elasticsearch-based results


  • Improve code style by adding comments and applying small refactorings
  • Optimize and simplify theme search
  • Skip unnecessary loading of all themes for the show/update/new pages of themes
  • Adapt master market related code to move towards master market separation per programme
  • BREAKING: Include environment in Elasticsearch index names to prevent tests overwriting development/production indices

Bug fixes

  • Fix themes search not showing results in order of relevance

Closes #196 (closed)

Edited by Taico Aerts

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