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Resolve "Offering should be multi-relation"

Closes #284 (closed)

  • Added an offerer class that allows various types of offerers
  • Added support for research groups and users to offer projects
  • Modified the company show view to be used for all types of offerers
  • Changed the project creation form to display only the contacts for the currently selected offerer
  • Added an option for course editions to specify the offerer types that are allowed to offer projects
  • Changed the project creation form to only show eligible offerers for the selected course edition (to be finished once the course edition selection is moved to another page)
  • Split company projects and internships based on the offerer type (different panels for company projects, research group projects, personal projects)
  • Many other changes to support the move from companies offering projects to various types of offerers offering projects
Edited by Renāts Jurševskis

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