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Draft: Improve permission checks and logic

Taico Aerts requested to merge optimizations into development
  • Fix rolify with_role to be combineable into larger queries without using .ids
  • Add option to define rolify relations easily as has_many relations on models.
  • Update associatable with the increased flexibility to let ActiveRecord combine queries better.
  • Make use of hashes rather than .ids in the ability to prevent queries on load and allow CanCanCan to do its job better
  • Add extension to CanCanCan to allow joining can definitions with scopes together


  • Check whether using .select(:id) in the ability makes better queries than the left-over id: ....ids.
  • Check performance of new roles queries (left outer join) and determine whether its better to use scopes.
  • Convert more of the ability file to use scopes.

Relates to #81

Edited by Taico Aerts

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