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282: Deadline enable picking time

Closes #282 (closed)

The issue occurred because the fields are saved in ab as datetime, and we did not enable specific time. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to give lecturer a chance to choose also time (sometimes as I recall from our deadlines for courses we have 9am etc).

I created a special datetime picker, which accepts YY-mm-dd H:i and seconds are 00. The is the format db understands. I also changed readonly attribute, as it might be inconvenient to always use arrows.

I also found out the same issue happened with presented at.

Let me know if you want it vice-versa, so that lecturer cannot choose time and time is not shown.


  1. User creates deadline Screenshot_19 When date is chosen, time can be chosen Screenshot_20

  2. User saves deadline Screenshot_21

  3. User edits deadline Screenshot_22

Same is done for presented_at.

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