Project Forum Release v2.8.13 - 18-10-2022


  • Added preferences and popularity overviews for course staff (#266)

Fixes and improvements

  • Limit information shown on user page in management panel to only what the user is allowed to see (#398)
  • Fix deactivated projects are sometimes editable (#495)
  • Fix sidebar inconsistencies in courses with thesis workflow (#500)
  • Fix coordinators cannot see unapproved projects outside of management panel (#513)
  • Remove reference to markdown in default proposal template (#433)
  • Do not allow approval/rejection when a proposal was updated after the user started reviewing it (#468)
  • Improve notification messages (#470)
  • Send additional information to Sentry to improve our ability to identify and solve errors quickly (#512)
  • Fix unconfirmed users sometimes being able to invite other users to a company (#445)
  • Improve performance of various actions and pages (management panel)