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Jochem de Goede requested to merge queue-sprint into development
  • Closes #34 (closed) by adding a RequestType to a Request, and having the Labs set which RequestTypes they want to allow. Right now, the SQL convert script adds two requets types: Submission and Question. This can be changed in DB, or, preferably, later through an admin dashboard.
  • This moves from version control and adds a file (Make sure local changes are saved prior)
  • Same for
  • Closes #63 (closed): Split participants page for Students and Staff, for TAs the feedback count is shown.
  • Closes #60 (closed)
  • Closes #51 (closed)
  • Closes #66 (closed)
  • Closes #18 (closed)
  • Closes #35 (closed) Forward to any, by adding a RequestForwardedToAnyEvent and setting the request to pending. When the assistant who forwards the request clicks Get next again, a check is added if the request is not already assigned to them in the past, if so, it skips that request.
  • Use the update script for database changes
  • Closes #69 (closed) Submission URL for Course
  • Closes #27 (closed)
  • Closes #29 (closed)
  • Closes #67 (closed), #62 (closed), #61 (closed).
    • Uses multiselect element for filters
    • Stores the params in the session so they are kept
    • Assignments and Labs should now be unique
  • Closes #28 (closed): Added option for labs to set the nr of weeks it should be repeated, and autofill the end date of the slot by plus four hours.
  • Closes #48 (closed)
  • Closes #72 (closed)
  • Closes #33 (closed)
  • Closes #73 (closed)


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