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Resolve "Manage staff/Assign TA to cluster(s) page"

Danae Savvidi requested to merge 23-assign-ta-to-cluster-s into development

This MR adds a Manage Staff page where there is:

  • Functionality to assign TAs to clusters and/or repos in gitlab
  • Functionality to unassign TAs from clusters and/or repos in gitlab
  • Functionality to view which TAs are in which clusters in a nice way (cross checked with gitlab/core)
  • Functionality to add TAs/Head TAs to course edition (only TEACHER role not TEACHER_RO)
  • GraphQL API request to efficiently get all groups and all projects "recursively" in a gitlab group (edition) -> needed when removing staff from edition since it removes them automatically from all those.

Some pictures below for demonstration: Screenshot_2024-01-21_at_20.39.27


Depends on !9 (merged) !!!!

Closes #23

Edited by Danae Savvidi

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